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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 8/26/12

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Frank HOH

Dan is the ONLY Have Not

America chose Matzo's and Mozzarella

Frank Released Pandora's Box

Frank got Locked in and won $3000

The HG's  searched through the house and backyard for .50 for a try at the arcade game in the arcade room

Ian won and got a Veto Ball which has to be used this week

Ian can't play in POV but can be nominated

Frank nominated Dan and Danielle on the block   

POV Players Danielle Dan Frank Britney Shane and Jenn (HG choice picked by Dan) Ian Hosted

Jenn won POV  "Big Brother Gallery"

Dan got 24 hour Solitary Confinement which consists of a Rave Party, Dance lights, Cake and Techno Music

Dan had to eat something nasty in 10 mins

Frank got an avocado bath

Frank has to wear a Carrot suit for 1 week

Frank also has to do  a chum shower for 24 hrs every time he hears the horn honk

Frank took the "bench" which means he has to sit out of 2 HOH's

Danielle and Britney have to be shackled at the ankles for 24 hours

Danielle got paint thrown at her out back for 2 minutes

Jenn is on slop for the rest of her time there and had to burn her clothes that she was wearing at the time

Shane Received no punishments 

Frank got DQ'd from the POV actual reason still to be confirmed

Paisley:  :colors  1/2 hour mark.  *Phew*

 :hello2: I'm here for BBAD

Ian telling a story to the gang in the kitchen/dining area

joe frank ian and Shane talking at the kitchen table

britney and danielle in the DR

jenn up in HOH listening to music

 Dan on feeds 1/2 in solitary confinement

Im done for the night :waves:

Music stopped at exactly 9 p.m. BBTime.  Dan immediately climbs up onto a slab.  Just whispered something, but I missed it because I had the speakers turned down.


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