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I'm not sure if a lot of the BB fans   got to see THE TALK with Ian Dan and Danielle  ..

Ian said that he came up with a plan and that he already had it drawn out.

Well back on Aug 26th I wrote a mini recap of what  I thought was going on for one of my Facebook groups. here's an excerpt out of it :

I also think Ian came into this game with a specific Game Plan and he's not going to let the DR influence him.. I also think he is telling them in the DR what THEY need to hear.. but bringing it out to the other HG's what panic he needs to put out there to have the HG's keep supporting him..

:lol3: I underestimated that Ian wouldn't just have a plan but a drawn out strategy! :lol3:

Interesting chart. :) He IS studying to be an engineer.

He also had luck on his side. I believe that in some of the seasons he would have been targeted and gone  This particular set of HGs not only tolerated his stimming but they tried to understand and to a certain degree protect him. He was also fortunate in the challenges.

About Dan and whether he is the worst of the worst, no, for me, he wasn't the worst. Having to update Frank and Boogie, I can tell you they were potty-mouthed, petty little men. For every deal they made, every promise with a handshake, they had built in "outs' that would let them go against the deal/handshake. I hope I never have to update either one of them ever again.

I think it might have been Albert who said Dan forget about the jury. That is what cost him the game in the end. It's my personal opinion that he threw the last challenge so he wouldn't have to chose between Danielle and Ian. I wonder what the vote would have been if he had won it and taken Dani. I also believe that Ian should thank Dan for getting him and Danielle to the final 3. JMO. :)

I was hoping Britney would win, that was not to be. I was hoping Dan would win but that was not to be either but at least he made it to the final 2 when from the very first he was the underdog as a coach then as a player. Do I wish he'd done some things differently? Yes. But it's over, it is what it is.

ETA to clean up my comments. My bad!  :whips


--- Quote from: Kate04 on September 21, 2012, 10:06:25 PM ---dtrain:  If Dan's game was so "masterful" why did he receive one of the lowest (if not THE lowest) votes for the win in BB history ie 6 - 1?

and bbjunkey:  you say that dan stayed but the jury went "home".  Dan stayed because he did something so beneath the character of ANYONE and so averse to decency that the HG had no choice to trust him and thus enhance his game.  No one has ever gone to those bottom feeder depths ie telling lies on a bible and a cross (not to mention his own wife) so they had to believe that someone who professed to be a person of faith and a teacher in a Catholic school could not possibly be that scummy so they had to believe him.  Don't you see that it would be human nature for someone decent to believe him?

But the big difference between the jury that were sent home by him, and Dan is that the jury can go back to their lives knowing they have a "clean" conscience and are decent.  Would anyone really want to be Dan today????

--- End quote ---

ITS a GAME-- its NOT REAL world-- geez ppl maybe you should not watch these kind of programs if you CAN"T tell the difference. 
Dan said it-- leave it at the door -- enough said-- I can leave it on the reality of the tv where it was PLAYED out--

AMEN!!!!!!! Get more involved in the real world NOT the reality TV world

Personally, i think your advice to leave the subject in the reality tv world is great!

Dan lost by one of the biggest margins in BB history!

Some people think he was robbed, some people think he got his just desserts.

Whatever any of us think, IT IS over and done with!

Anyway, I always enjoy all of you and the community we have here each summer.

I hope others will close this chapter of BB and return next summer with a whole new set of HG's!


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