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Let's move to this new thread, the other one is getting pretty long!

Today is a big veto comp day!!

Reilly Queens:
Boy I'm starting to think BB is getting more rigged than The Hunger Games :lol: :lol:

Weekly stats of Big Brother 14:
Week 1: Jodi evicted, Willie, HOH, Frank & Kara nominated, Shane wins veto, not used, Kara evicted 5-3
Week 2: Frank, HOH, Willie expelled from BB, JoJo & Shane nominated, Shane wins veto, used on self, Danielle up, JoJo evicted 5-1
Week 3: Shane, HOH, Ashley & Joe nominated, Shane wins veto, used on Ashley, Frank up, coaches back in game, no eviction this week
Week 4: Danielle, HOH, Frank & Wil nominated, Danielle wins veto, used on Wil, Janelle up, Janelle evicted 8-1
Week 5: Frank, HOH, Joe & Wil nominated, Frank wins veto, not used, Wil evicted 6-2
Week 6: Shane, HOH, Frank & Mike nominated, Frank wins veto, used on self, Jenn up, Mike evicted 5-2
Week 7: Ian, HOH, Ashley & Frank nominated, Frank wins veto, used on self, Joe up, Ashley evicted 5-1
Week 7: Frank, HOH, Dan & Danielle nominated, to be continued...

whoo boy, these houseguests are gooooood.  I really don't know who will do what now.  :colors

I think that Ian is smart enough to know that he needs to be against a coach at the end in order to win, and hopefully Dan, because Brit has good relations with most of the others, and could actually have an argument.

Playing in the veto competition today are....

HOH:                       Frank

Nominees:              Dan and Danielle

Chosen names:      Britney, Jenn and Shane

Host:                      Ian   


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