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OK, so here's a quick run-through of the finale:

The teams start on the little island from the end of the previous episode, and have to make their way to Kunming, then take a plane to Chengdu.  The teams all end up together in the airport and there are no more flights for that day to Chengdu so they all take the same flight the following day at 8:30a.m. 

In Chengdu, the first place they go to is a public square to get their next clue.  It's a road block.  The task is as follows:

There are 11 people for each team, and each person has a picture of a team on a band on their arm.  There is also a Chinese dragon as used in the Chinese dragon dance, and each pole has a place name.  The teams need to match their 11 people with the places the teams were eliminated.  When they have correctly matched the teams and places, they need to watch the performance, then take part in it, and when the judge is satisfied they will get their next clue.  The models fail the first time, but succeed on the second try.  The other teams pass first time.  Harvard leaves first, then the models, then the trainers.

The clue leads them to what looks like a former industrial estate but now has been rejuvenated into cafes and bars from the looks of it.  The next task is a road block again.  There is a big tower (looked like a power plant chimney), and the person doing the road block had to climb the tower using one of those climbing things where you put one leg in a loop, and use your hands to push a pulley type thing up the rope (sorry don't know the proper name of this thing, but it's been on the Amazing Race before).  At the top is a clue.  The trainers arrive first, then the models then the Harvard boys.  Ryan does the challenge for harvard and has a lot of trouble getting started.  The trainers finish first, then the models, then Harvard.  The clue leads them to the Panda Breeding Reseach Center where they have to find the panda Mei Lan which is where their next clue is.

The trainers arrive first, then the models, then Harvard, and they leave in the same order (Harvard boys were quite behind from here because of the climbing challenge).  The clue says they need to go to some place (sorry I didn't catch where it was, but it was something to do with the Three Kingdoms, some kind of museum or a historical site.  It's possible it was Martial Marquis Memorial Temple  (Wu Hou Ci) but again I'm not certain).  Here there is another road block.  The trainers arrive first, the models second and Harvard last.  The trainers have trouble finding the place, and the models arrived and managed to get to the road block first.  The task was a sliding block puzzle, but the pieces were big blocks.  The challenge was to get the biggest block (which had Cao cao on it) out of the puzzle through an exit (at the start, the biggest piece was furthest from this exit).   The models arrive first, and Christine starts the task.  Eventually the trainers find the place, and start the task.  The trainers finish the task before the Harvard boys had arrived.  The clue leads to the finish line, which was at the Jinsha Site Museum (I think).  The trainers leave, shortly followed by the models.

The final results are below, I put them in spoiler tags incase you want to wait to watch the episode.

Show contentThe trainers arrive first at the museum and are first on the finishing mat.  The harvard boys arrived at the last roadblock, then the models are shown arriving at the museum and take second place.  Finally the Harvard boys finish the puzzle and make their way to the museum to finish in 3rd place.

Hey Everyone,

The ICS streaming video is back online, but I haven't been able to get the ICS China Rush stream from the Sunday to start.  The stream of the Chinese version of the show seems to be working.  If you open the ICS streaming page, click the 东方卫视 link at the bottom of the program list, then open the shows for last Saturday (17th) and it's the show that starts at 15:58. 

I just took a more thorough look at the ICS streaming page.  I think they only allow streaming up to 7 days ago.  However, they repeated the english version of China Rush on the 17th at 14:30, so you can all watch it from there.


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