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Links to watch China Rush 3?

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Should we post them here?

No...we have a place. Let me do this in a bit, okay? Thanks!

The former site is active, please post any links to watch there.

Maybe someone can also update the how to watch live info there as well?


If you need a link to the site, post it here!

Link please! Love me some China Rush!  :luvya:

Best Loser:
100% legal way to easily watch anywhere in the world. The ICS website live streams their shows and keeps them available for viewing.

The big numbered tabs are the date, so look for the past Sunday's date (26th for the first episode), then look for China Rush somewhere on that list (there may be multiple, so remember when it is supposed to air). The number next to China Rush will be the episode number. For me, it loads about as fast as a Youtube video.


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