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BB14 Live Feed Updates Saturday 8/25/12

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Mike -Boogie is Evicted 5-2

Ian wins the HOH "Before and After"

Ian Nominates Ashley and Frank

Frank wins POV  "Somewhere over the VETO"

Frank uses the veto on himself and takes himself off the block

Ian nominates Joe as the replacement nominee

Joe and Ashley up for Eviction

Ashley evicted 5-1 and becomes the first jury member

Frank is the New HOH

Dan is the ONLY Have Not

America chose Matzo's and Mozzarella

Frank Released Pandora's Box

Frank got Locked in and won $3000

The HG's  searched through the house and backyard for .50 for a try at the arcade game in the arcade room

Ian won  and got a Veto Ball

Ian can't play in POV but can be nominated

Frank nominated Dan and Danielle on the block   

Danielle up in HOH with Frank

Jenn is talking about how she got found on FB she is good friends with the person who was doing the casting in Brooklyn *** and that brings on  fishies


Ian wandering thru the house and muttering to himself.   Poured himself some candy, went into the bathroom, back to the kitchen, now into the boom boom room.  Tossing a ball around.

Hey Mom, look what I won today"

Britt in the hot tub.  Dan laying on the ground talking to her about pretty much nothing.  Hot tub looks really cloudy tonight.  Dan is thinking about Chelsea and how no matter what he isn't seeing her until Sept 19th.  Would she want to talk if they got a phone call. 

Ian comes outside and joins them

Ian whispering something to Britt about the DR doesn't like ????

Frank sticks his head outside and tells them goodnight.  He is going to bed.

Ian telling Brit and Dan that the DR tried to talk him out of using the veto


Ian over rocking.  Dan and Brit going to join him as soon as they see Frank go upstairs, which he has now done.  Jenn is back outside.

Britt getting hassled because she is using a dish towel for her pool towel.  Brit goes inside to change.  Dan on the patio sofa and says he is cold

Jenn to Dan, you know I will take care of Danielle

Dan, I appreciate that, knowing you wil stick with her

J, I will run everyone else over to make sure we are tight

D, I've never thought twice about her and I know you are the same way.  It's best for you guys if I'm not here

Danielle is up and moving with what looks like some laundry

Britt called to the DR

Feeds are wonky.  What's up with that?

Ian back to rocking


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