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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 8/24/12

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Mike -Boogie is Evicted 5-2

Ian wins the HOH "Before and After"

Ian Nominates Ashley and Frank

Frank wins POV  "Somewhere over the VETO"

Frank uses the veto on himself and takes himself off the block

Ian nominates Joe as the replacement nominee

Joe and Ashley up for Eviction

Ashley evicted 5-1 and becomes the first jury member

Frank is the New HOH

Dan is the ONLY Have Not

America chose Matzo's and Mozzarella 

We'll be here when the NEW HOH  is crowned!! Meanwhile join us here to  :talk about the day's crazy events!,27522.1125.html

Ok I'm here. BBAD just started....

Frank is the new HOH

Fees are not back yet.. just BBAD

Brit and Ian in the Living room  brit says she made a deal with frank before HOH and that it was Dan and Joe  going up

 Birt dan might throw me under the bus

 Ian he might listen to you

Brit he doesnt seem mad at you

 ian he's not but it seems like that decision i made was bad

Brit he said that ian loves you and ian wants yo so you have to play that up

brit if dan can go up against joe we  get dan to stay and then Frank cane play in HOH

Ian Happy Birthday

 Brit Thanks I wish i could hear from my husband

Brit i ahve been planting the seeds with frank for a long time



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