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ZBC Company:
yep guy nicki manjai.Marah carey,Randy Jackson and aslo kieth urban all judges imaraih carey and nicki manjia where in fight frist day

Omg! I love Mariah Carey!  :hrt:

Photo from AI.com


--- Quote from: AmazingRace on September 18, 2012, 09:03:56 PM ---Omg! I love Mariah Carey!  :hrt:

Photo from AI.com

--- End quote ---

Nicki brings this photo out of darkness and boringness and brightens it up <3

I can't take any show seriously when Nicki Minaj is part of it. Sorry.

Keith: Boring, generic, "Your singing was all gumdrops and sunshine love happy happy happy" judge most likely. Hardly even know who he is, really. Country singer or something? Don't really know since I haven't heard his music. In short, from what I see, a weak judge.

Mariah: I'll think she'll be a decent judge. She probably won't have nervous breakdowns, flirt with boys, or have petty arguments like Paula or J-Lo. Interested to see how she does. I must admit, I never heard on esong from her, ever. So I'm also interested to see if she's truly talented herself.

Nicki: Oh boy. A Steven Tyler in a eccentric female rapper's body. Other than her bizarre hairdos (sweetheart, just stick to the multicolored bob please), she's known for pretty much her very, very, very bad singing. Alright, I like only one song, which is Moment 4 Life. Other than that, her songs are very,very annoying. Sorry, Aussie, have to side with Mandoli on this one. I'll still watch, though, and I'll at least respect her if she doesn't fall apart when every cute boy gets eliminated during Hollywood Round. And, as megafan Aussie has displayed, she has some classic expressions.  :lol:


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