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--- Quote from: Declive on December 20, 2012, 10:47:29 AM ---I was rooting for her , but i definitly think that Denise is a better player.

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I wrote a very long blog entry about why I really like Lisa... sharing some parts here.

--- Quote ---While watching the show, I always felt that Lisa was too emotional, playing the game with too much heart over mind and logic. Often, she was caught in the dilemma of voting for people whom she like and has a close relationship with... but whom she knows she won't win a million against them. She was playing this game with so much heart, so that at times it was hard to watch her play because sometimes the things that she says doesn't make sense. But watching Lisa on TV was like watching me behave in real life.

Many a times, I choose to do the right things so as to please people and not to offend anyone. But many a times, I ended up being miserable as the decision, although is what will please God and makes him happy, is not one that pleases me and makes me happy. Sometimes, we just wish to go astray and be the evil one. Sometimes, we just want to shut God out of the equation and go our own way. Let me give you an example; let's say if somebody is in your group project and leeched off you, would you follow God's words and just let it be, or would you be angry and tell the person off sternly? Of course, I'm not saying we go to the extreme of cursing and swearing, but I think you get my point.

Lisa made me realized the similarities in the struggles we face (or rather, I face) in today's world. I'm using "we face" because I generally believe that most people want to do good but at times we just cannot find a reason to do it. And considering she won the fan favourite award, many people must have agreed or felt the same way as her, like I do. She had a divorce with her husband few months prior to playing Survivor and was at the rock bottom of her life and wanted to seek a different kind of motivation/meditation. Nobody knew about her sad stories, her current life during the 39 days on the Survivor Island. She kept all quiet about it because she felt that she needed no one to know about her problems. That sounds like me actually.

On her Survivor experience, Lisa sums it up really nicely; about struggling with Christianity and at the same time wanting to play the game to win the million.

"Nothing about ĎSurvivorí is the kind of thing that reflects, you know, the character of God, so it was a total internal struggle until I realized... Itís OK to be human, and itís OK to be sometimes good and sometimes bad... thatís actually what Christianity is all about. It's acceptance."
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Lisa will be CoHosting with jeff starting  january on his show. if his show still has poor ratings then the show most likely will be cancelled  other wise she will be more permanent with him on his talk show.

Glamazon Racer:

--- Quote from: Declive on December 20, 2012, 10:47:29 AM ---I was rooting for her , but i definitly think that Denise is a better player.

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Was rooting for Lisa also, but I disagree that Denise was a better player - she did nothing strategically, she was just good at challenges and benefited from Penner's unbelievably stupid idea of not accepting a Final Three deal.


LISA I LOVE YOU <33333333333 (so pretty!)

Sorry , random Lisa love.

I never liked her, she was too wishy-washy. I would've rather had Penner, Carter and Kent in the F5 than Lisa, Skupin, and Abi


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