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Glamazon Racer:

--- Quote from: Kandace on November 13, 2012, 06:42:07 PM ---Oh no :(

Lisa Whelchel ‏@LisaWhelchel
Dr. just called with blood test results...I have West Nile. Ugh. I'm fine, just tired. Takes a year to recover. :(


--- End quote ---

 :gws: :gws: :gws: :gws: :gws: :gws: :gws: :gws: :gws: :gws:


Ep11 and Ep12 made me dislike her. She's so fake. Her emotions are not genuine. :cmas13

I think in a game of Survivor, you cannot be wishy washy. My respect for Lisa has dropped (although she's made the game exciting by being a trainwreck) but you can't deny she's trying her best to play and win.

I think she has almost as little chance as Sugar in winning this game after all the emotions and everything that she has shown.

If she wins, then I think we are probably looking at the most gracious jury ever.

Glamazon Racer:
I love Lisa <3 Just wanna give her a hug every time she talks! <3 :hugs: :ghug: :hug?: :teddy :xmas110 :cmas9

I was rooting for her , but i definitly think that Denise is a better player.


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