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Name (Age): Katie Hanson (22)
Tribe Designation: Kalabaw
Current Residence: Newark, Del.
Occupation: Former Miss Delaware.
Personal Claim to Fame: I was Miss Delaware USA for 2011 and competed at the national level at Miss USA.
Inspiration in Life: Alice Wells, because she was appointed the first female police officer in the nation and paved the way for other females in the police force.
Hobbies: Running, working out and traveling. Pet Peeves: I hate bitchy, conceited girls. Those are the girls I love to beat when I compete against them in beauty pageants.
3 Words to Describe You: Very outgoing, athletic and intelligent.
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?
1) Toilet paper – for obvious reasons and to help start a fire.
2) A toothbrush – gotta have fresh breath for the hot guys on the island.
3) My Miss Delaware Sweater – it can keep me warm at night and it also reminds me that if I put my mind to something I can accomplish it!
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Danni Boatwright! I respect her because she proved that pageant girls can kick ass on Survivor and take home the million dollars. It will happen again! 
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: Winning money and challenges! And, meeting the guy of my dreams!
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: I love the outdoors which means I will be able to build shelter and catch food. I am very athletic so I know I will be beneficial to my tribe and help us win the immunity challenges.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: I feel like I am a well-rounded individual. I excel in athletic competitions and I’m intelligent with a drive to win. That money is mine!

People are saying that Carter is invisible...this girl is just non-existant! When they showed the girls making an alliance on the beach...I was kinda shocked at first to see her on the island. I had forgotten all about her.

Omg. Who's she?

Isn't she the one who figured out that Jeff was a baseball player? Or was that our other mystery girl?

Mug Costanza:

--- Quote from: Coolio! on October 14, 2012, 09:18:45 PM ---Isn't she the one who figured out that Jeff was a baseball player? Or was that our other mystery girl?

--- End quote ---

I think that was Dawson. Maybe. :duno:


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