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Great Amazing Race - Melbourne 13th October

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For everyone in Melbourne + Australia!!

Check out

It's an annual charity event that raises funds for the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation.

Teams from The Amazing Race Australia Season 2 will be participating including Sarah & James, Tarryn & Ross and the winners Shane + Andrew!

More teams will also be announced soon!
Check It Out - lots of exciting challenges planned for this year's event!

Here's a video of last year's event - participants went sailing, ice-skating, swimming, hip hop dancing, karaoke and lots more!

More exciting and unique challenges are in stall for this year's participants!

Thanks upliftevents and welcome to RFF
 :bigwelcome :hello2:

Thanks for sharing, looks awesome and such a good cause!

:welcome: to RFF, upliftevents!


We are hoping to have a few more of The Amazing Race contestants announced shortly!

All the details can be found at
Please tell your family, friends, workmates etc and help support the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation!


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