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TAR 21: Pre-race videos and caps! *SPOILERS*

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Looks like the new CBS TAR 21 vids are on the way!!  :hearts:
Let's discuss them here??

What we know:

Vid 1:
9 Countries

25,000 Miles

2 Million $$

Cast Reveal:
        This season, which marks the 21st race around the world for the series, will introduce a new twist to the game that will raise the stakes for the entire season. If the Team that wins the first leg of the season can outrace the other 10 Teams and win the final leg of the Race, they will double their money and win a $2 million grand prize instead of $1 million.

        Teams will travel through three continents, nine countries and cover more than 25,000 miles, where they’ll be faced with a 10-story rappel in Los Angeles, frying an egg on their heads in Indonesia, working as “rat collectors” in Bangladesh and revisiting one of the Race’s most infamous Roadblocks in the Netherlands in this season’s “Switchback.”


Vid #1:


The preview video here,27709.0.html

shows a bungy jump. It could be the bungy jump in Switzerland at Niouc.


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