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Who is going to win IC this week?  If it is a team will it be CG or SJ?  IF it is individual who will be the victor?

Okay, here goes my thoughts on this subject.  Since, yes I am missing Amazing race tonight.  Should take computer upstairs and watch that TV.  ::)

Okay if I remember we have seen pics of people in shackles and jail.  Perhaps a Jailor/prisoner game, you have to sneak out with out being caught and remove shackles.

I will give this to a woman, if it isn't a team event.  It involves puzzle solving.  And yes, Chewies men were good at that.  But
Brian will be suffering from the drinking.  Jan is losing her mind.  Penny I don't know about. Erin, could be.  Jake possible, Shii Ann a likely canidate.  Ted, no.
Helen Yes.  I think she will be good in the challenges. If she is booted this week.  I will be glad to root for a player of your chose: if some one post the correct pick before the start of survivor on Thursday and posts here.

So, after all is said and done individual Helen.

If it is a group challenge, I believe Chewy will win .


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