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--- Quote from: ZouLy on October 23, 2013, 04:12:04 AM ---
So guys...

what happened with all those applications that already submitted according to the date earlier in this thread (Oct, 2012? )

as we know that they open an entirely new registration account for those who'd like to apply up until December 2013...


--- End quote ---

They've been emailed asking if they want to use the old application or do a new one.

Found this searching for news of TAR24 in FB:

The Amazing Race Australia is looking for the next group of adventure travellers to race around the world.
Are you up for a global adventure? Ready to create memories that will last a lifetime? Think of the serious street cred, even when you’re 90?
If you think you have what it takes, grab a partner because we want YOU!
Don't be like a lot of people and say I was gunna put in for the race, go for it, you won't regret it!

Go to the website for the application:

1. Fill in the forms,
2. Upload photos of you and your team mate,
3. Upload a video telling us why you want to be on The Amazing Race.
4. Good Luck!

Hurry, you’d better be quick! Applications close December 18.

Apply now for The Amazing Race Australia! - The Amazing Race Australia - Yahoo!7 TV

The world's biggest TV adventure is back! If you and a teammate have what it takes then find out how to apply here.

Deadline has been extended to the 22nd of Dec, so you have two more days to get those apps in!

Just watched the latest ep of US season 23 on the 26th of December and in the ad break they were still advertising for racers for the next Aus Race, so maybe they have extended it again (although the application form still states a cut off date of Dec 22th).

Wow. They are still airing TARUS23. That's why I watch online on the same day. Watching on 7 is such a pain in the (censored)

I doubt that they extended the application due date again.


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