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Twins finish their selling and get their clue: Fly to Brisbane, Australia!

Cops switch to LEARN and finish it really quickly, wonder why they didn't do it in the first place. Shane gives his little kid a toy kangaroo as a little present for his help :)

Paul and Steve arrive at the school, just as the cops leave. Steve struggles a bit on the LEARN side. Paul does the first five words, Steve is having a hard time remembering "bathers". They get it second go.

Twins arrive at the airport, first flight to Brisbane is via Guangzhou. They hope they're the only ones on it.

Cops arrive and complete the selling really easily, talking about how people tell them they should leave their police jobs and be salesmen. They're off to the airport.

Paul and Steve begin selling as the cops leave, Steve knows he won't be able to communicate well so he tries to be funny to gain people's money. They finish quickly and head to the airport.

Cops arrive with 20mins before the flight, just make it on the Twins flight.

Boofheads arrive with 6 mins to spare, not sure if they'll make the flight.. BREAK

All three teams on the same flight. Twins out of the airport first, drive yourselves to Kangaroo point and find the park under Storey Bridge to get their clue.

Cops head back inside to find a map, only a few mins behind the other two.

Twins and Paul/Steve arrive at the park together, twins reach the cluebox first. Drive to Boggo Road Jail to obtain the next clue.

Twins ask for directions from two locals, Boofheads read and listen over Jo's shoulder. Both teams neck and neck, cops a few minutes behind. All teams need to turn their cars around on a one way road :lol:

Cops chuck a U-turn after stopping traffic on the bridge, twins nearly reverse into someone on a main road and Steve and Paul have trouble finding somewhere to turn around  :lol:


Can I just say I am LOVING this finale so far!


--- Quote from: supah3ro on August 15, 2012, 05:37:57 AM ---Can I just say I am LOVING this finale so far!

--- End quote ---

You said it.
And Paul, Michelle (or Jo) wasn't ventilating at you. She was venting.  :lol3:

Cops somehow end up at the jail in first place  :lol:

One team member must answer 5 questions about their fellow racers and choose a team as an answer. Their partner must then guess their responses.

Andrew goes first and quickly picks his five teams (Who would give you a helping hand? Who would lie to you the most? Which teams relationship do you envy? Which team is the unluckiest? and another one I forgot :duno:)

Twins arrive next, Jo goes first and chooses the answers. Steve and Paul in third, Paul picks the answers first.

Shane, Michelle and Steve all guessing together, lots of wrong attempts... they can't figure it out.

Shane finally gets it, they need to head to Archerfield Airport and catch a charter plane to Fraser Island, then drive to Lake McKenzie.

Jo trashes Paul when he's in the jail cell next to her, Paul can't understand why she still hates him when he respects her..? ???  :lol:

Michelle still struggling to get it right and blames Jo per usual  :lol:


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