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--- Quote from: starrynight on August 16, 2012, 10:22:40 AM ---Such a great cast means All Stars from this is so tough to pick.  I'm not sure winners should be in All Stars (they won the money already), but I would like the 4th, 3rd and 2nd place teams on it.  I guess with the edit Lucy and Emilia got they are likely to be on it if available though.  At present though the channel only seems to have agreed on a third season.

Grant Bowler has improved quite a lot since the earliest appearance I saw by him (on the first season of The Mole), though I still think when he is describing a location he can sound a bit stiff.  Not bad though.

Confining people to a prison cell was a clever idea in a way, and putting people next to each other who didn't like each other that much sparked a bit a drama.

I think they could have had the how well do you know your team member task after the memory task.

I'm jealous of you zodiac6573. :D

--- End quote ---

You heard this first from me: It will be ARAus8, ARAus9 or ARAus10 before Amazing Race Australia has an All-Star season. So everyone needs to calm down and stop putting forth their choices for it until it is announced. There will be many good new teams for consideration before it is time to actually make suggestions.

One of the things I liked the most was the "know your partner task". It was rather ironic to see a team of two co-workers who don't know each other well enough, beat a team of twins, although props to Michelle for figuring out that Jo didn't "know what envy means"

Well yeah I'm not complaining about the casting by any means at all I think this season had one of the best casts in any race series so far (I am not even going to compare it to the recent US series) but I don't like how Channel 7 promoted the race by focusing on the gimmicky teams (we never even had a preview of Lucy & Emilia before this season started, who were arguably the best team) and even on their gimmicks when they had so much more to offer (underneath Sarah's hunners and ridiculous race attire she was still pretty entertaining and actually came across very smart, competitive and strategic).
Aussie audiences are very different to American audiences in terms of the types of characters we enjoy watching and if you ask me this is why this season didn't rate as well as last season, because the team's gimmicks were promoted incorrectly before the season started as I don't really recall anything of the sort from season 1 and we just enjoyed seeing the racers, their personalities and their reactions to experiencing the race , and also because of 7's horrible scheduling. I actually think that if the race had continued to be aired during the Olympic period it may have fared even better than it did by showing the last 3 episodes in a row against the new Big Brother.
Sorry this turned into a rant but what I'm trying to say is pretty much: this season was one of the best ever but it was just really underrated by Aussie audiences and I just hope 7 look at the demographics and tailor season 3 accordingly so that it does rate much better.

amazing race fan:
TAR AUS 2 was definitely better than TAR AUS 1. Better cast, more drama between the teams, a real dominant force that everyone hated, much better locations, and the finale was a lot better. Plus, the idea to have China be the second to last leg was pure genius. I remember China being the second to last leg in TAR 14 and 16. I remember how tense those final legs got once the race got to China. I would have liked China to be two legs instead of Canada, but whenever China is used its really a waste to use it anywhere else but the second to last leg because China is the hardest leg and the second to last leg is always the most intense besides the last leg.

I remember watching the TAR AUS 1 finale and thinking the final challenge is just based on your geography skills, it had nothing to do with anything that was done on certain legs of the race. This finale was a lot better.

I rooted for Paul and Steve all season, I really didn't understand the hatred by Michelle and Jo, but especially Jo. It seemed to me that the hate came just from the simple fact that they could never beat Paul and Steve at anything they tried. With that said, I think the true colors came out at the end. Paul took the high road and really did nothing to upset Jo while Jo made herself look like a fool. I thought that the cops were not that deserving of a winning team. I think Paul and Steve and the twins were both more deserving, but thats the way it goes, you get into the final leg and you just need to have one good leg no matter how you placed in the other legs of the race.

I realize that a lot of people thought Paul was arrogant and full of himself, but he was by far the best racer on this season and definitely in the brief history of TAR AUS and probably top five when you put all the TAR franchises around the world together. Paul reminded me a lot of Collin from Season Five. Maybe Collin wasn't as hated as Paul, but he had the same type of attitude. He basically made it his personal mission to win TAR, unfortunately it didn't happen, Collin and Christie got second place, but the fear factor that Paul and Collin put in other contestants when they were doing a challenge is very similar and unmatched by any contestants that I can think of.

Overall, it was a great season. I actually enjoy TAR AUS more than the american version even as an American. I find the teams WAY more interesting. I wish they ran two seasons a year rather than one, they probably will run two seasons eventually once the popularity of the show picks up. Season 2 was a great season and I can't wait until Season 3.

Was it just me or was the alliance between the twins and the cops not much of an alliance? After all, the twins brushed the cops off when  they needed help the most. I was surprised both of the teams were still considering themselves an alliance during that second to last challenge during the finale.


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