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The other question is Which Team Worked Best Together?

Copy from TARAus1 in Israel??

All teams on planes to Fraser Island. Cops in first, Workmates in second, Twins in last.

Cops arrive first, they travel via 4WD to Lake Mckenzie.
Roadblock: Who has total recall?
Teams have to answer multiple choice questions about the race by placing rings of the corresponding colour over the cluebox with the question.

Andrew steps up to do the roadblock.

Workmates arrive and drive to the RB, Paul has been waiting to do this roadblock.

Twins in last, they freak out when they find the 4WD is a manual. Jo tells Michelle to drive on hard sand, Michelle retaliates calls Jo a dickhead again  :lol:

Battle between Andrew and Paul at the roadblock, they're almost equal but I think Andrew might be slightly ahead, twins haven't arrived yet.

Ad Break.

Battle between Andrew and Paul... Andrew comes out on top!

They have to follow a path and dig up a treasure chest and then carry it to the finish line. The first team to have their chest and cross the finish line first will win the race!

Cops rush up to the marked area and begin digging.

Twins arrive and Paul is finishing his last question. Michelle is doing the roadblock.

Michelle runs out and Paul gets told he's wrong  :lol: He tries again and gets told he's wrong  :lol: Michelle eventually catches up to him and they sprint to the beach in the hopes to get the clue...



--- Quote from: Airlinesguy on August 15, 2012, 05:43:53 AM ---The other question is Which Team Worked Best Together?

Copy from TARAus1 in Israel??

--- End quote ---

Hee, so it was! Thanks for that, I had a mental blank lol! :lol:

That final task is the worst moment in the whole season. Why copy the lamest final task of all.  (:;)


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