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Just so we can find this tonight amongst all the threads! :lol: Just over an hour to go!

A few minutes left, here we go.....!  :hearts:  :yess:

Previously On the AMAZING RACE AUSTRALIA... 11 teams set off on a 65000Km journey. Teams battled their limits and each other. They beat the odds and raced ahead no matter what. 8 teams didn't last the distance.

Final three:

Cops - they have a strong partnership
Twins - sibling tension, pushed to stay at the top of the pack
Boofheads - raced hard with confidence (and arrogance  :res:)

During the pitstop, teams flew to Guilin, China.

Twins depart at 5.07AM. Take a taxi to the Guilin River and ask a fisherman in Mandarin for their next clue. $250 for the last leg.

Twins talk about the race being a great experience.

Boofheads depart next, say they want to say the other teams got beaten by an accountant and a goofball  :res:

HoO apply at the river - 8.30 - 17.00

Twins and Boofheads begin together, cops haven't departed yet.

Both teams paddle around, twins go left, guys right. Steve gets a few fish thrown at him instead of a clue.

Twins choose a fisherman and get it first go.

Detour: teach or Learn? - Copy of TAR12 detour, but in mandarin.

Twins go for Teach.

Cops finally depart, say they owe the race to their families.

Boofheads get their clue and begin to walk to their destination. BIG MISTAKE - they walk a long way out of the way.

Cops finally get their clue, choose teach.

Boofheads stranded with nowhere to get a taxi. They've stuffed up for the first time and it's in the last leg. Unsure whether to continue or go back.


Boofheads finally find a hotel and call a taxi, on their way to the school now.

Twins arrive and finish LEARN really quickly. They need to travel by taxi to a market and sell 10 vegetable slicers and graters :groan:

Cops arrive at the detour and get a cute little chinese boy to teach Aussie slang to. He repeats the words really well, but struggles to even get a word out at the test. Cops need to redo it and try again.

Twins arrive at the market. They're able to get a big crowd but struggle at first to get someone to buy it. Once they have their first customer, they get a rush of customers!  :lol: They're currently up to 4/10 cutters sold.

They go back and once again the kid's good at the recalling the words in practice but only gets a "g'day mate" out :/ Cops fear they're wasting time and I assume they want to change?



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