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Glamazon Racer:
Wow... can't believe that article was released before the ep aired... :oh But awesome news! :hearts:

Previously on The Amazing Race Australia...

Teams headed to Banff, Cops won the leg, Paul and Steve fell behind but Lucy and Emilia got Eliminated.

Cops depart 1st, Fly to Beijing, China. Once there, travel by taxi to the Ghost Street and find the marked stall to get your next clue. All teams must travel via bus to Calgary Airport.

Cops are happy to be in the top 4 - owe their race to their families saying they deserve it as much as them.

The other three teams talk up about how important this leg is and how they want to make it to the F3.

All teams on the same bus to Calgary airport and Same flight to Beijing (via Vancouver).

Team land and instantly begin scrambling for Taxis. Boofheads find a van, but figure out it will be too expensive - almost all of their legs money -  and change taxi's immediately. Groseph just get in a van and go without thinking about the cost.

Other three teams find taxis after a bit of a struggle.

Groseph arrive at the street, but find out their taxi is over 90% of their money. They tell their driver they don't have that much... he begins to slap himself and reaches for the glovebox. Grace becomes scared he's going to pull out a gun and shoot them, so they give him the money and go.

All team arrive at the Street at the same time.
Detour: Waiter or Wheel
Waiter - recite 8 Chinese dishes in Mandarin in order to get the clue
Wheel - eat a total of 4 delicacies each to receive the clue.

All teams but the twins initially choose Wheel but Grace screams when she finds out she needs to eat starfish and they switch straight away  :lol:

All teams struggle with their detours a little but leave in the order of Twins, Boofheads, Groseph and then cops.

They need to head to a Foot massage place and BOTH need to receive a 10 minute foot massage (5 mins each foot) to get their next clue.

Twins arrive first, Michelle steps up to the plate first. She screams and vents her pain out. She tells Jo that she won't be able to do it, but she has to because she's already been through so much pain  :lol:

Cops arrive second and aren't as loud but equally not as fond of the massage  :lol: They get through it without much screaming.

Groseph arrive - Grace thinks it will be fun. She howls within the first minute and pulls away and has to start again  :lol:

Jo screams and cries her eyes out but eventually finishes in first.

Teams now have to travel to the Marco Polo Bridge and count the lions on it in order to receive their clue. 

Cops finish in second, Joseph then steps up to have his massage. He thinks Grace was acting, but he finds she wasn't.

Boofheads arrive in the mean time and Joseph and Steve Hold hands to release their pain  :lol: Paul goes through without any pain whatsoever, proving his strength  blahblah blahblah.

Groseph try to get a taxi to the Bridge... but their driver takes them to the Marco Polo Hotel. They're out of cash and begin walking to the bridge.. it's 50 Minutes away by taxi.

Twins first at bridge HoO until the morning. Cops and Boofheads catch up, Groseph nowhere in sight.

Cops begin counting and realise each statue has more than one lion and there are some ontop of pillars also included. Boofheads do it slow and methodically.

Twins and cops give it two attempts - Both WRONG.

Twins try to distract Paul and Steve... shouting out 25, 36, 92  :lol:

Boofheads eventually get it right first go  :res:

Cops and Twins get it third time.

Roadblock: Who can crack the warrior code? - find the right combination to pass warriors up the Great Wall (TARA4 South Korea RB)

Jo, Paul and Andrew take up the roadblock.

GOOD BYE JOSEPH AND GRACE!!!!!!!!! Welcome to inner mongolia!!!  :lol:

You guys had a rough leg, but you ran a decent race

GO GO GO MICHELLE AND JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :hearts:

Paul gets there first... there seems like a LOT of warriors. Jo eventually catches up - Twins surprised Paul and Steve are in first and not them.

Big battle between Jo and Paul to get it done first. Both trying really hard to be #1.

Groseph at the bridge. Slowly catching up and keep pushing on - they not giving up yet.

They count and get their final number. Joseph adds on a few for good luck and they get it first go  :lol:

Jo makes it right to the every end and screws up her last chance :( Paul then has his turn and ends up getting it right :res:

RI: Make your way to the next pitstop, Forbidden City. The last team to arrive WILL be eliminated.

Jo gets it right the next go, they've kept their good taxi so they think they might have a shot.

Boofheads taxi over shoots the Temple and they have to run on foot there.

Battle between Twins and Boofheads for first... Twins beat out the boys and become Team #1. Paul & Steve in second.

Girls ecstatic to win a leg, they think they're ready for the final leg now. Boofheads shocked they were second, but ready to give it their all in the final leg.


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