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:yess: The perfect F3! (Out of the F4)

Andrew finishes the Roadblock. Cops struggle to find a taxi back to Beijing.

Groseph fall asleep and their cab and end up at the wrong part of the wall.

Cops eventually find a cab and become  team #3.

Groseph make their way to Inner Mongolia (:lol:) and Grant Eliminates them outside their taxi :( Joseph now sees Grace as a girl who can make her own decisions, Grace loves that her brother will protect her even when they're on the other side of the world.

Glamazon Racer:
Groseph randomly in Mongolia <3333333333333333333 :lol3: :lol3: :lol3:

Congrats to Michelle & Jo on their first win! :conf:

But after this episode, I'd prefer Shandrew to win, :hearts: after the blondes just dumped them for no apparent reason. :(

That was a really intense episode.. until the stupid HoO at Marco Polo Bridge!  (:;)
I really liked the Roadblock! Was that an original challenge?
I think out of the F4, the most deserving made it to the final 3
1. Michelle and Jo - no need to explain, they  deserve to win the race as well  :hearts:
2. Paul and Steve - they've performed very well since Leg 2
3. Shane and Andrew - they've made their way to the top since Leg 1, and they hit their streak when it counted  :tup:

Oh Joey and Grace.... I'll explain why they didn't deserve to make the Final 3
- stealing James and Sarah's taxi. That is all.
Other than that, they were an alright team, I'm going to admit Grace had some great moments along the race though!  :lol:  :<3
They had a VERY rough day, I do feel very sorry for them, and at least they got to see Inner Mongolia!  :lol:

SO glad Michelle and Jo got their first win! But it would've been a better fairy tale if they didn't win any legs except the last  :lol3:
I am disappointed for the twins dumping the Cops, but not gonna lie, I would've done the same in the penultimate leg

Predicition for the Grand Finale (I REALLY hope I'm wrong here):
1st Shane and Andrew
2nd Paul and Steve
3rd Michelle and Jo

Wish for the Grand Finale:
1st Michelle and Jo
2nd Paul and Steve
3rd Shane and Andrew

Final 3 teams averages AFTER Leg 11:
Michelle and Jo - 2.9
Paul and Steve - 3.4
Shane and Andrew - 4.4

P.S. I did enjoy most of Grace's 'moments' during the season, I MIGHT consider making a video.. what do you guys think??

Glamazon Racer:

--- Quote from: supah3ro on August 14, 2012, 06:02:30 AM ---I am disappointed for the twins dumping the Cops, but not gonna lie, I would've done the same in the penultimate leg

--- End quote ---

When it's a close battle to avoid elimination, I would do the same thing as well regardless of what leg it is. :lol: But I didn't see any point in ditching them when another team is far behind and nowhere to be found. :( I dunno, I'm not a big fan of the move. :duno:

Obviously I would still love the twins to win, :<3 but I'd prefer Shandrew just a little more! They were virtually nonentities at the beginning of the race, but they've grown on me since then! :hearts:


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