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Yikes! Our viewers last night was under 800,000 :(

Hopefully we can get over 900,000 tonight! Last season's penultimate Leg was FANTASTIC! Full of suspense! I hope thos season's is the same

I'll be commentating in and out :)

Glamazon Racer:
Those viewer numbers aren't good. :( But maybe expected, given the BB premiere. :duno:

Hopefully we can get back to the million mark! :)


--- Quote from: racer on August 14, 2012, 03:49:56 AM ---Those viewer numbers aren't good. :( But maybe expected, given the BB premiere. :duno:

Hopefully we can get back to the million mark! :)

--- End quote ---
I don't care about the ratings for TAR Australia. We've already got a third season confirmed  :lol:  :hearts:

I think this article was supposed to be released tomorrow :lol:


MANLY Vale twins Jo and Michelle Troy are planning a party with 200 friends tomorrow night to watch the final episode of television's Amazing Race Australia.

The twins made it through to the final three in the global race TV show.

Michelle, who was a fan of the show before taking part in it this season, said she had dreamed of crossing the finish line of the race.

“If we made it to the end that means we would have travelled around the world,” she said.

The two airline staffers have travelled 65,000km over four continents and eight countries for the show's challenges.

“Scaredy cat” Jo admitted to being “concerned” about every challenge.

"Before this Michelle was always mothering me but I think I really grew up during the race,'' she said.

But for all their chutzpah, high fives and their catchcry ‘boom’, the girls faced many challenges.

They've had to eat developed embryo bird eggs, stand on cable cars thousands of metres above the ground, eat cockroaches, continuously spin for five minutes, decipher Islamic text, drive a dilapidated car in Cuba, climb glacial walls and more.

There will be 10 screens set up at the venue where they are partying tonight, showing the final leg of their incredible journey.

Not surprisingly, tonight's final celebratory bash will feature a pink theme.

“Nothing can hold us back now,” Jo said.

Michelle agreed.

“Now we have a real ‘can do’ attitude,” she said.


The Amazing Race Australia's final episode screens tomorrow night on Channel 7 at 7.30pm.
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 :lol3:  :hearts:  :yess:


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