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Groseph finish the detour in second. They're heading to Great Divide Dog Sledding, need to find their next clue on a tree.

Boofheads decide to switch detours and head to Ski, Lumelia finally show up and head to Ski, then change their minds and do Search? ???

Jo finishes the Ski track, but goes through the wrong gates  :lol: She then tries again and the twins finish the detour in third, Boofheads in 4th.

Shandrew find the tree and are told to head to the Chateau at the Fairmount, Lake Louise. Crack open an iceblock to find your clue (Think TAR Israel).

Lumelia still stuck at the Search, still trying to find their beacon  :'(  :'(  :'(


Shandrew Finish breaking their ice sculpture - head to the pitstop, Banff Springs Hotel.

Shandrew Check in as Team #1

Groseph finish their ice sculpture and read their clue, off to the pitstop in second.

Twins and Boofheads arrive at the ice sculptures in 3rd and 4th.. Boofheads immediately begin cracking one of the sculptures already used  :lol: They didn't even notice the clues in the bottom and begin hacking away at the top of the sculpture  :lol3:

Twins sneakily hide where they're hacking.. Boofheads are too busy and focused on the task to notice them!  :lol:

Lumelia at the Sleds, currently in last heading to the sculptures :'(

Paul and Steve manage to break their sculpture off the stand, keep hacking away at it and basically destroy it. And still don't even realise what they're doing wrong   :groan:  :groan: Twins off in third, Boofheads still at a loss at what they're doing wrong  :lol: Jo and Michelle super ecstatic to have outsmarted the boys and be in front of them  :hrt:


Paul and Steve FINALLY figure out their mistake, Steve runs across and sees all the clues  :lol: They finish and head to the Pitstop. Lumelia briefly shown finishing the task and head to the pitstop too. :(

Leg 10 Finish

#1 Shane and Andrew
#2 Joseph and Grace
#3 Jo and Michelle
#4 Paul & Steve
#5 Lucy & Emilia

The sisters are eliminated :'( Such a sad moment, but they're glad they got this far and had the best time. Both glad they did the things they did, even if they cursed the amazing race for making them do it at the time :lol:

NEXT EPISODE  - TOMORROW: Race heads to China. Paul seen on the Great Wall, an eating challenge involving starfish, Jo & Steve at a roadblock enduring a foot massage. Jo and Michelle break their alliance with the cops and one team makes a crucial mistake.

VERY entertaining episode :lol: Congratulations to the cops for breaking the Alphas winning streak! Kudos to Groseph for their highest finish yet
NOOOOOOOOO not Lucy and Emilia  :'(  :'(  :'( officially one of my favourite teams ever, you went out on an awesome note  :hoot:  :<3  :hrt:  :luvya:

Next week, teams head to the 'Great Paul of China'  (:;)  (:;)  (:;)
'Wheel of Fortune' eating challenge
Chinese foot massage
Alliances will be broken


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