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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 7/27/12

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JoJo evicted by a vote of 5-1

Shane won HOH.

A New Big Brother twist: America will vote whether or not to ask the coaches to enter the game as players.

Dan and Dani in the bathroom...

Dan says something...but we get trivia


Dan and Janie in the arcade talking...

Janie telling Dan she thinks they may put up Dani

Dan thinks the big twist would of already happened as far as someone coming back.

Janie now telling Dan about the possible deal Frank and Shane may have...

Well i'm out for the night.  Night all!


Ashley, Danielle and Shane in the bathroom.  All yelling for Ian now that his have not is over with

Ashley gets us and joins the kitchen group.  Ian is cooking chicken and eggs

Ashely, as soon as we do Shanes room, I am going to put some shoes on and walk around the house. 

Britt, what are you talking about?

Ash, I don't know  :groan:

Britt goes in to join the bathroom.  Giving Shane an idea of what all it takes to get the HOH room ready and how it takes a while

Britt, when they call you to the DR everyone knows and wakes up.  It feels so awkward

Dani, I even feel awkward

Shane, why?  I had to stay loyal and vote for jojo

Dani, I wish you would have told me

Shane, we knew you had the votes so you shouldn't have been worried


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