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BB14 Live Feed Updates Thursday EVICTION DAY 7/26/12

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Frank  is HOH

Janelle won Coaches Challenge and saved Ashley

No player was swapped out

Janelle also chose the Have- Nots who are: Willie, Jojo,Shane and Ian (who volunteered )

America voted on Pudding and Pork-Rinds as the Have Not food

Willie Hantz was expelled from the game

Shane and Jojo Nominated on the block

Ian, Ashley and Wil  were picked to play POV - Joe hosted

Shane won POV

Shane used POV on himself

Frank put Danielle  up on the block for his replacements

JoJo and Danielle are nominated for Eviction 

Frank still trying to find out who went through his bag

Wil comes in and Franktells him that Jojo told him today that someone went through his bag

Wil I think Jojo is the only one who would go through your bag

I am finished for tonight BBAD folks will be here soon, Have a great night everyone

Frank, your hair looks good

Wil, does it?

Ash, your tank tooks good

Wil, what are you doing?

Frank, talking about my F'in suit case.  Can I ask you?  Do you know about anybody going thru my bag?

Wil, no, but if anybody would it would be Jojo.  That is news to me

Frank, there are so many rumors going around

Ash, well the final 2 rumor was due to me

Brit Wil Janie Frank in HOH
Frank- JoJo said there was a rumor that she went through my bag. She said it wasn't her, but she wouldn't tell me who is was.
Janie- What a fake
Frank- I need to listen more
Brit- Like those final 2 rumors Kara made?
Janie- Yeah with Ian
Wil- But that doesn't sound like Kara or Dan
Frank- No, that doesn't even make any sense. Why would I align with a guy who could be out week 1 if he didn't get a key
Janie- He was so paranoid

general chat about Ian creepiness

HOH conversation has turned to Ian and how crazy he was the first week, the constant stalking

Frank, he was just so paranoid and didn't feel like he was part of the group

Wil, he wasn't being seen, he was hiding and listening, didn't make any attempt to talk to us

Janie, did you hear about the time he was in the bathroom listening to us 4 girls?


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