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TARAus2 Episode 12 (Brisbane) Discussion *SPOILERS*

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I K.N.E.W. this image was the Olympic podium of the finale!

Glad I didn't see it then, I don't see the appeal of getting spoiled with the result before you see it.


--- Quote from: supah3ro on August 15, 2012, 08:33:19 PM ---THE MEMORY TASK! WHY! Out of ALL the memory tasks they could've copied from other seasons they designed such an easy one!  :groan:

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure it was all that easy. Paul & Steve arrived at the task before the cops were done. The cops then completed the task and left for the treasure chest digging where they had time to locate and dig up the chest before any other team arrived. So either the chest task was much quicker than it seemed, or the other teams took a really long time with the memory task.

Also did anybody else notice that they gave the twins a better shovel after Paul & Steve had left.

No I didn't notice the shovel.  :D

A couple of things I did notice, Paul seemed to take a lot of the rings out to the posts whereas the twin didn't, she seemed to go back and forth with one ring at a time.  That's what it looked like in the editing anyway.

Also I noticed that at the finish mat they had all the racers lined up on one side, normally they seem to have them either side.  Also the second and third placers joined the line at the end once they had finished.

Where can i find this episode online?


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