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TARAus2 Episode 11 (China) Discussion *SPOILERS*

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I thought Grace did bargain down the amount for the van, but obviously the last taxi finished them anyway.  And I vaguely remember Shane and Andrew telling a taxi driver he wouldn't get paid for taking them to a wrong place?  A lot of it is luck and if you can get away with not paying a bad taxi driver sometimes, particularly with the amount of money they seem to have to spend on taxis on some of these legs.  As it is a crooked taxi driver can demand payment and singlehandedly take a team out of the race.

Why didn't Joseph and Grace choose the subway or bus instead? :lol: It'd be way cheaper. In Beijing one subway ticket costs 2 yuan (=0.3 Australian dollar), no matter how far you go. As to the bus, it costs no more than 3 yuan.


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