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TARAus2 Episode 11 (China) Discussion *SPOILERS*

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amazing race fan:

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--- Quote from: amazing race fan on August 17, 2012, 02:01:03 AM ---Does anyone with knowledge of China know just how far off Joseph and Grace wandered on that final leg? That has to be as lost as a team has ever gotten in the history of the TAR franchise. They wandered into another country, I really don't know how you do that.

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They did NOT enter another country. Inner Mongolia is a PROVINCE of China!

We do know they did stop at the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China. If you want a rough idea, Badaling is about a 2 hour drive north WEST of Beijing, and Mutianyu (where they were supposed to be) is about a 2 hour drive north EAST of Beijing. In other words their taxi driver was WAY off. I imagine instead of turning around in the direction they came in, they continued on from Badaling and got closer and closer to Inner Mongolia.  :(

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Thanks :tup:. I am not a real China expert, but I guess they were closer to Beijing than I thought. I got the impression that they were about five or six hours in the wrong direction. I bet The Amazing Race wasn't too happy with the taxi bill they had to pay once Joseph and Grace got eliminated.

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I have been to China and went to the Badaling section of the Great Wall. It and all the other sections I am going to mention are within one hour of the outer edge of Beijing (traffic slows people down once inside Beijing's limits) in various directions of north. If you remember the part where Joseph and Grace are asleep in the taxi, they passed the turnoff for the Juyongguan section of the Great Wall. However, they wanted neither of the above, as the much-less-touristy Mutianyu section was the correct one.

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You just don't ever know how far lost a team is unless you know the area. TAR makes it so there is a vague area between about 1-6 hours where you just don't know how lost or far behind a team is. If a team is lost or in last place by less than an hour they edit it to make it seem close, but if its between an hour and six or so hours lost or behind its really vague and you can't tell. Like for example, The Cops were about three hours behind the second place team going into the final leg, but you would have never been able to guess they were three hours behind by the editing. You could have thought one hour or you could have thought five hours. Its obvious when a team is like half a day behind, but they usually try something to catch them up a little bit, but when you are so far behind you know there is no shot you will catch up.

I haven't watched this episode. People on say that one team got ripped off--a van trip that iniquitously cost 650 yuan?  :groan: I see many Chinese fans are ashamed of that driver... :lol:

I'm watching this episode now.

I think everyone who wants to travel in China should be reminded that please NEVER TAKE A VAN! To some extent vans are private cars. They'll charge you highly. Just choose a common taxi!

Haha, those contestants' Chinese was so bad :)

The only sentences I understood were Grace's "west Lake beef broth" (xihu niurou geng), twins' "stir fried shredded potato with soy sauce" (jiangyou tudou si) and "thank you" (xiexie)

The JoGrace van (650 yuan, later 600) had no markings, just a small taxi sign on top. The van that Paul/Steve picked asked for 700 yuan before they bailed out; this sign was on the side.

I thought Grace did bargain down the amount for the van, but obviously the last taxi finished them anyway.  And I vaguely remember Shane and Andrew telling a taxi driver he wouldn't get paid for taking them to a wrong place?  A lot of it is luck and if you can get away with not paying a bad taxi driver sometimes, particularly with the amount of money they seem to have to spend on taxis on some of these legs.  As it is a crooked taxi driver can demand payment and singlehandedly take a team out of the race.


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