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BB14 Live Feed Updates Monday 7/23/12

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Frank  is HOH

Janelle won Coaches Challenge and saved Ashley

No player was swapped out

Janelle also chose the Have- Nots who are: Willie, Jojo,Shane and Ian (who volunteered )

America voted on Pudding and Pork-Rinds as the Have Not food

Willie Hantz was expelled from the game

Shane and Jojo Nominated on the block

Ian, Ashley and Wil  were picked to play POV - Joe hosted

Shane won POV 

Janelle telling Ian stories of times she has had with prior seasons hgs

FF to Ashley and Boogie?

It is Ashley and Wil

Ok I am done for the night   :waves:

 :hello2: Kit Kat!  Ready to run away for the night?

Ashley and Will whispering in the hot tub.  First shot I was it looked like a female was topless before I realized it was Wil  :lol3:

Ashley and Wil talking real low at the hot tub about Janelle.


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