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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/22/12

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Frank  is HOH

Janelle won Coaches Challenge and saved Ashley

No player was swapped out

Janelle also chose the Have- Nots who are: Willie, Jojo,Shane and Ian (who volunteered )

America voted on Pudding and Pork-Rinds as the Have Not food

Willie Hantz was expelled from the game

Shane and Jojo Nominated on the block

Ian, Ashley and Wil  were picked to play POV - Joe hosted

Shane won POV

Danielle is leaving HOH and Frank says he is going to bed super early because he is so tired

Danielle putting on her shorts and the walkers still walking and speculating about what if teams are switched up and coaches have new players

Kitkat is done for the night  :updaters

Ashley, Janelle and Joe doing laps in BY

All others at lounge chatting

Ashley no longer walking and is on the ground doing stretches

Janelle and Joe speculating what the next twist will be


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