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BB14 Live Feed Updates Saturday 7/21/12

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Frank  is HOH

Janelle won Coaches Challenge and saved Ashley

No player was swapped out

Janelle also chose the Have- Nots who are: Willie, Jojo,Shane and Ian (who volunteered )

America voted on Pudding and Pork-Rinds as the Have Not food

Willie Hantz is no longer in the game, Unsure if he self evicted or was pulled from the game but his picture is grayed out.

Nominations  were today Shane and Jojo are on the block

Boogie says what up internet people you may have been blocked.

 janie says willie crunched up pork rinds and threw it at her.. kicked in the door  on the DR

boogie said he head butted joe 4 times and was taken out by production

not sure if that is what happened but thats what  janie  and boogie said 7/20/12   11:30 pm EST 8:30 PT

Everyone still eating pizza Dan talks about all the sodium thats in raman noodles..

Everyone really being friendly with each other  :ghug:

Boogie mentioning that Showtime will be coming on in a few minutes

Jojo and Frank up into the HOH

Jojo, what did we do?  We didn't do anything personal.  If I go out at least I go out knowing I was myself

Frank, it's nothing personal, I only had a few people to pick from

Jojo, I just know that many people aren't going to be that loyal down the line

Shane comes in.  Frank explaining why he picked them,


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