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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 7/20/12

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Kara Evicted by a vote 5-3

Frank won HOH

New coaches twist is who ever wins  the Coaches Challenge gets to swap out ANY player for ANY other player EXCEPT for the HOH who is Frank

willie is thinking that he will be traded

 willie hopefully frank is man enough to play me in POV

 BB Willie please go to the DR

 Willie  im gonna  let me finish this cigarette!.. willie heads inside

 jojo out back smoking alone

everyone else sitting at the table eating

HG's pretty chipper making fun of the  promo's that they had to do for the show.. and then they bust on Adam doing 'rock this house' from last year and Matt doing "all Day Baby all day" on BB12

brit the have nots have never eaten so good

 brit i bet that america is voting on something

 brit to shane.. is that muscle milk? can i taste it?

Hi Ugot!  Tell me where you want me or run while you can!

Dan and Danielle talking in the have not room and sounds like Dan is coaching her on what to tell people


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