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HoH Blog: Willie

 Hi everyone this is willie from bb 14 its been a crazy week not looking good right now but it changes from day to day in this crazy house. none of these players have a mind of there on. the vets are running the game and it makes me sick. im going to do what ever it takes to stay here. i miss my family and my daughters chelsea and britt i love yall so much. to all you fans out there thank yall i will never give up.

Yup, that's it. Shortest one ever. Probably a good thing. LOL

Pictures to follow on next post

I'm having trouble trying to get the pics. CBS is making it very difficult as we have to "flock to unlock" the pics via twitter. I'm working on it and once I can see the pics, I'll post. So hang on for now.

Week 1 HOH pics:

more to come....


HOH Blog: Frank

Going from the block to the HOH room is definitely not a lateral move! Being a huge fan of the show made just competing in my first solo HOH competition an incredible experience, and winning my first HOH (hopefully many to follow) was just icing on the cake. I'm sure everyone is aware of the drama that has taken place in the Big Brother house over the last several days, especially somebody's self eviction, but as a fan of the show I do hate to see somebody leave the house in that manner. It would have much sweeter to send him home with the help of my current alliance this Thursday.

I wish I could ask everyone who reads this if I'm making good decisions and aligning with the right people. This house is like the twilight zone at times, I believe I started off down the wrong road and I hope now that I have corrected my course. The people with whom I am working are definitely a fantastic group of people (Ian, Jen, Wil, Ashley, and Joe) and completely diverse which makes our group very unique. Since I am a big fan of Big Brother its definitely pretty surreal to be playing the game with the coaches that helped make me such a fan. They are larger than life and as entertaining as I expected them to be!

Of course I want to send my love to Nana, Mom, Gunnar, Dad and all of my other family and friends. Jungle Juice Daniel and Zebra Cake Chris, I hope you like your new nicknames, you're definitely a hit in the house. David I hope you're taking good care of the house and not throwing too many pool parties.

If I can back it up a little bit, just being in the Big Brother house is a dream come true! For all the fans out there who have tried or want to try to get on, take it from me, sometimes you meet resistance but it was definitely worth the wait. Everyday in the house I wake up utterly grateful for the chance that I have been given, I wish I could describe the feeling of actually playing the game to all you fans out there! I hope that we're entertaining everyone more than enough (and not singing too much) and don't forget to eat your fruit loops!



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