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BB14 Live Feed Updates Thursday EVICTION DAY 7/19/12

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Britney's team won the first HOH comp of the season and Willie H. is the HOH

Kara and Frank were nominated to go on the block

Have-Nots are over

Shane won POV

POV not used

Nominations stay the same

Frank and Kara up for Eviction   

Willie finally gets a smoke

Let me dust off the cob webs and I will help out for an hour or so. Ugot, I can just help or you can take off.  I am sure Will will be here when he gets off work

Feed 3 has Willie, Joe, Janie on the patio.  Not a whole lot of talking going on just yet.  Feed 4 has fishies for some reason.  Can hear others outside but still trying to figure out who all is out there

Willie went inside.  Janie, Joe, Dan:  Awkward!

brit in the bathroom with jojo and kara

 kara wher is she?

 brit maybe in the DR

 kara i think she is gonna vote to keep me(ashley)

 jojo so thats 4 you need 4

 kara yeah i think she is gonna stick to her word
 jojo shane and me told her that no one is gonna know

comp tomorrow is probably cornhole


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