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BB14 Live Feed Updates Wednesday 7/18/12

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Thanks to all of our wonderful updaters  :hearts:

janie brit was all upset and we did have a deal with them but that fell apart becuase of willie aving deals all over ther house and i told bri i cant control 2 strong people.. it's impossible.. and she thinks i have a deal with you too

 dan if kara was staying   i wouldnt push them hard to work with you

janie i see the danger in keeping a player like that

 dan don t you think tht people are so pissed off that everyone will put willie up

 janie i think that will be stupid and thyey will decide  what they want to do (her team)  ewveryone in this house is so annoyed with his antics..

 dan yeah thats why i think  its good  to send frank home.. then you only have 1 super strong person ion this house

 janie i know but it's joe and wils game they control what they want to do.. you know what i mean

 janie that would ahve been so awesome if you would ahve gotten jojo's vote

 dan now that i look at this i could have gotten her vote

 janei no she's soo solid with him.. she sleeps in his bed every night

 dan and if kara did stay yor people wouldnt be scared of my people

 janie no

 dan they are just playing the njumbers.. i dint talk to joe but it will be 6-3

 janie i think it's gonna be ian jenn  and im pretty sure that  willie hates me

janie im sorry


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