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BB14 Live Feed Updates Wednesday 7/18/12

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Britney's team won the first HOH comp of the season and Willie H. is the HOH

Kara and Frank were nominated to go on the block

Have-Nots are over

Shane won POV

POV not used

Nominations stay the same

Frank and Kara up for Eviction

And a possible house burglar in the house!

Shane  dont forget that the last thing in his ear is what he will listen to hane last night  you were saying 100% last night and i dont know if he made a deal

 kara supposedly he made a deal with boogie last night..

 shane why?

 kara i dont know he's making a deal with the devil and if that's the case that's gonna piss me off he's going against us.. and i know britney and janelle are almost in a fight.. something about rachel and britney is crying up there.. i dont know

 kara wil was crying

 shane i think that meeting messed up this house.. i swear to god lasat night frank was going home

 shane i am hoping the votes stay the same

 kara i need yours and jojo 's vote

 shane i know

feeds 3/4 HOH willie in bed with jojo talking to him.. and we get fishies

feed went to fish for a while and now back.. ian was in the shower.. shane jojo ashley  in the bathroom watching ian and talking

shane and jojo leave.. danielle in to shower

britney at the counter with willie.. willie tells joe hey man im not upset with you.. im just tired  man..

 joe i just said my opinion

 willie oh my lord this is ****ing insane.. willie trying to play it off

 joe i was tsalking to dan and he said never before has he seen so much game this early

 joe  if you dont mind tomorrow we'll just have a nice talk

brit I  feel bad

willie can i just tslk to you upstairs please

 joe goes up there..

willie im not figting for my life this week.. frank is..   you are not in their plans.. im not guning for yuou.. who told you this

 joe i was confronted by danielle frank and jenn..

 willie NO NO NO i dont understand it.. the only thing i might of said was that i might have said that  you were calling me out for playing the game too early

 joe we are grown men.. you can tell me how you feel and i cant

 willie we have been connected in the hip. now why the separation

 joe..  families argue..  frank' got the vote i gone check

willie you give me your word that frank is staying.

 joe yeah

ok im done for the night people! :waves:

hello home from work

Kara and Wil doing sprints in the BY

JoJo, Ashley, Ian, Britney and Willie in HOH hashing out the latest problem regarding Frank.

Dan and Danielle shooting pool


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