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BB14 Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/17/12

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Nothing exciting to report really. They basically are just hanging out.

Dan and Janelle playing chess. Every now and then they will whisper a little game talk.

Ian and Frank shooting pool now. Wil folding his laundry. Willie came out to smoke and is watching the pool game.

Oh the have-nots get to eat at midnight tonight so that explains why Joe is cooking.

Boogie and Willie talking game in the have not bedroom.

Dan and Janelle continues to whisper over the chess game

Uh oh, Joe is threatening Frank, saying he'll save him but he can't be working with Boogie otherwise hell will break out.

Willie is basically trying to buy a week talking with Boogie

OMG, everybody is talking game I can't keep up.

Some wants Frank out, some wants Kara out.

They are basically stressed out about next week.

Willie and JoJo at hot tub game talking

Britney, Ashley and Wil in HOH game talking

Not sure where the others are. I'm sure Joe is in the kitchen prepping a big meal for the have-nots.


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