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BB14 Live Feed Updates Tuesday 7/17/12

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ia comes inside and they high five him  cuz he did laps

 kara corners shane for the vote

 shane im 50/50 im gonna go with the house

 kara i thought you wanted frank out

 shane i do..

 kara  something is going on

 shane i think joe is being sketchy

 kara  if you want me here then you do

 shane i  dont want to piss off willie

kara i ahve been talking to the house and alot of people want frank lout cuz he's a bigger threat

 shae obviously you are not a threat to me..

kara just tell me honestly if i have your vote  or not

 shane i will tell you  when i know what the house knows..  i want you hear.

 shane i heard your side is working with janelles team.

 kara i heard you made a deal with dan..  rumors are going around

kara if you are working with frank you are gonna be FFFF'sd  frank is gunning for you..

shane I KNOW>>
 kara i dont want you to get caught up

 shane i know.. i just dont know what the house is gonna do.. and if i vote for you they wont know if it was me or not

 kara i need you on my side

 kara they are wiling to vote out frank .. but i need you non my side.. i need you and jo jo..

kara if i wallk out the door you guys are ****ed.

 shane i know.. and that thing this morning was ridiculous.. i shook dans hand and said that if i helped you off the block that  he  and you wouldnt put me up

 shane im not in an alliance with frank

Thanks everyone  for helping out! :tup: lets move to a new day  :D,27571.0.html


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