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BB14 Live Feed Updates Monday 7/16/12

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Britney's team won the first HOH comp of the season and Willie H. is the HOH

Kara and Frank were nominated to go on the block

Shane won POV

Have-Nots are Ian, Ashley, Shane and Danielle

POV Ceremony today POV not used

Nominations stay the same

Frank and Kara up for Eviction

willie me and you brit need to talk and we never get a chance alone.. i think Janie is cock blocking..

willie kara is gonna be  the one that's gonna break us up.. aand shane is all caught up with kara.. cuz there is flirting going on.. he was all star eye with her.. an im not stupid

 janie breaks up the game talk with willie and brit

brit im tired of thinking about game every minute of the day

 willie yeah im burnt out.. an i dont think this is how it supposed to be

 brit and everyone is lying anyway

 janie what we have to do we have to remember britney that our teams have to stay together

 willie i int mean to o that today i was at the point.

 janie were you mad at this frank?

 willie i was mad at the situation..

brit the minute we heard that frank was coming after us we forgot about the reasons why we wanted to get rid of kara..

willie is soo lost in this game he's driving himself nuts for no reason :lol:

brit i think of it this way..  dan is down a player an it would make sense  to cripple him and then boogie if we keep frank an he wins the coaches challenge he's never gonna make that mistake on not saving frank again..

janie i was talking to the girls downstairs and danielle  opened up to me and said that she is really crushing on shane

 willie oh i thought it was kara..

willie i apologize for earlier.. im protecting you and brit...

janie an dim gonna protect britney too.. we all have to work together

 brit it's too early not to..

ashely just woke up she's late for her date with Ian :lol:

   i'm heading off for the nite! :waves:

Ashley getting ready for her date in the BR Danielle helping her


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