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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/15/12

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Britney and Danielle around the hot tub talking about how nobody will ever understand what it's like to be in Big Brother.

out back brit and danielle talking game.. brit talking about her season..

brit no one will understand what it's like to be here  unless they were..

danielle ive only been here 8 days and its hard.. and im never gonna break my word to someone and even if its a bad decision.. and FISHIES!!

:waves: Will

danielle they asked me if im gonna have a blow up like Jordan after that whole shelly thing.. aNd IM LIKE WELL I ONT THINK SO..

feeds 1/2 over by the sofa's out back boys talking about previous BB seasons.. an Ian is showing how much BB knowledge he has..

ian mentions autumn and boogie says that oh yeah he knows about autumn  she accused me of asking her to give me a BEEEPPPP!! brings up fishies.. :lol:

 boogie wow man you were 10 years old man!!

 ian is naming all the people on the season&n order of evictions..

this will bring on fishies over and over cuz boogie is bringing up all their mis fortunes after BB and his associations with them past or current

ian  now running thru season 4 in order of's willie shane an boogie and ian  bad move ian  boogie ive dated women from consecutive seasons..

Wil, Frank and JoJo are in the hot tub surrounded by Britney, Danielle and Jenn. Britney was telling the gang about her experience on BB12


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