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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/15/12

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brit is punch drunk.. :lol:  brit you smoked a whole pack on day 9 lol

Dan came into the HOH then joe who starts singing it's ladies night oh what a night.. he's got a bottle of booze  in his hands joes tells everyone that there are 12 beers and a bottle of wine

 brit you can have mine, i'll leave it up here so no one will know

brit you can have my beer .. i might want my little bit of wine.. it's getting that time  for me in here where im hitting an emotional wall..

 willie is that normal?

 brit yeah it's about that time

 dan what does  i think he said XANIE make you feel like and we got fishies

Brit i have never ever taken a xanax before until after i got off ..... FISHIES... so yeah i was right

Thanks everyone for a job well done :ghug:   Lets move this over to a new thread for the day! :iok,27561.0.html


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