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BB14 Live Feed Updates Sunday 7/15/12

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Britney's team won the first HOH comp of the season and Willie H. is the HOH

Kara and Frank were nominated to go on the block

Shane won POV

Have-Nots are Ian, Ashley, Shane and Danielle

joe an janie on feeds 1/2 saying that they both want frank gone.. they are up on the HOH landing

janie.. boogie you cant trust him but dan  he can get in your head

joe yeah but if you have seen his game enough

 joe what do you feel

 janie i wouldn't want  to go to the end with some  nice friendly athletic  guy  game talk pauses while people are in the kitchen so they are playing chess janie is teaching joe..

janie  boogies trying to corner me saying for me to keep frank.. an then dan walked up and called boogie out saying oh great your telling them to keep the most physical player in the house

 joe i dont want to face him..

janie you dont want to go against the house you want to have an even playing field

Hello I'm here for BBAD

Janelle and Joe at the chess area whispering about Frank, Willie, etc

joe the only thing is that willie could have a final 2 deal with him cuz the first ay he came to me an frank that he wanted an end game with me and frank.. but willie sai that everything changed with the coaches coming into play.. an he said that he would carry me  and frank to the final 2

janie who would you rather go to the end with ian and  frank or kara ans ashely

 joe  ashley an kara.. im not dumb..  i dont even want shane there

again janie asks about the F3 deal

Joe it was just me willie and frank..*******


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