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BB14 Live Feed Updates Saturday 7/14/12

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Willie and Frank on the hammock willie.. just let me know  if anything is going on i dont want to be blindsided.

Willie you're on a sinking ship

 frank I know

 BB Wil pleae put on your mic

 Willie who's gonna  take you to the next week you know

 Frank yeah i know that..

 willie you would have jenn and ian fighting for you.. that would be an angel that could be pushed

 frank im at a point some time down the road to pull the rug out from undr the coaches that this is our game not yours..

  willie you got my vote

 Frank you're thinking about Wil next week right?

 Willie yeah..

The vets are talking about production and how  their promo tapes were done and whta they did and that brings on fishies! :groan:

Kara hanging with the vets while they talk about how many laps around equal a mile in the BY

boogie wants to know if Dan or Kara  if they have had that moment where they are missing their loved one..

 dan i dont let myself get there

 boogie i have a quiet moment over by the weights or hammock

 Brit i havent had that crying moment yet

 kara if i had a kid or husband yeah i might

 Brit  we  test thru the day if it's important but we dont talk alot while he's at work..


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