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BB14 Live Feed Updates Saturday 7/14/12

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Britney's team won the first HOH comp of the season and Willie H. is the HOH

Kara and Frank were nominated to go on the block

Shane won POV

Have-Nots are Ian, Ashley, Shane and Danielle

frank we need to get them to realize that the coaches need them that we dont need the coaches and if they  think outside the box then we have a chance

Hello I'm here...

Kara telling Danielle about her convo with Frank on the hammock

kara in the have not room with Danielle  kara im worried that Frank is gonna make some deal and the votes are gonna be split. Shane and jojo are gonna do whatever  willie wants right?

 Danielle i hope they want Frank out

 Kara i have to talk to Ian tomorrow and Willie tomorrow

Danielle  maybe if he wore deodorant i would be around him (oo i missed who maybe Ian??? ) :duno:

kara i dont know why Frank would talk to me about Shane using the POV  when im up against him on the block he's not playng very smart.


Dan, Janelle and Britney continues their walk back and forth in the BY

Willie joins Frank at the hammock.

Wil went inside to get out of his shorts and put on sweatpants


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