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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 7/13/12

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Frank and Kara are nominated.

jojo, wil janelle i the have not room

Janelle, Wil, JoJo and Ashley in the have not room discussing tomorrow's veto comp

Sounds like Frank and Kara are on the block.

Willie and Boogie in HOH discussing strategy. I'm not following what they are really saying.

Kara brit and janelle, jojo

Janelle he's up to his old tricks

janelle he asked me if we are going to keep frank safe

janelle he makes me so sick

 kara i dont like him or trust him.

 janelle he was douche lord of the century i look at him in a whole nother way.. I know you're an asshole to women.

:lol3: TONS of boogie bashing  going on here !  which eventually brought on fish because they were saying how  to stay away from boogie's private parts..

Jennelle brit kara and jojo talking crap on Mike boggie saying he has Genital warts


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