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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 7/13/12

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Ashley is talking somewhat game with shane.. and danelle comes in before she does her DR so she wants to put on make- up cuz they told her they want to talk to her for a while

Frank and kara on the hammock.. kara what are we gonna do we're screwed..

 Frank i think it's gonna be me

 kara i dont know it stresses me out!

Frank do you think we can talk to shane?

 kara i dont know

 Frank we have to get these people away from their coaches.. I just dont want to be the first one

 kara i dont think he wants to piss off willie

 frank we have to get Shane to see working with willie is not good for him

 Kara i think they might have a F2 deal with him

 frank i dont think so..

 Thanks everyone for a job well done :tup: Lets move this over to a new thread for the day! :waves:,27551.0.html


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