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BB14 Live Feed Updates Friday 7/13/12

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12 New House Guest plus 4 returning House guests to start the new season

Britney, Janelle, Boogie and Dan are the returning Mentors in a chance to win $100,000 if their team lasts to the end

Britney's team wins first HOH and she picks Willie Hantz as first HOH

Dan's team came in last on the first competition and he had to chose who to evict from his team

Dan chose Jodi as the first evicted House guest

Kara and Frank  nominated on the block for eviction

POV to be played today

We are just waiting for the live feeds to begin, which we suspect should be any minute now.

Please remember, only updates on the feeds should go under this topic.

If you have a questions about the feeds, or want to discuss what is going on in the house on the feeds, please use this post at this link:,27522.0.html

Feeds will not be up until 1 A.M. EST

Here is my first official update from Big Brother After Dark!

Willie, Wil, Ashley and JoJo hanging out in HOH

Janelle, Boogie, Britney, Kara chatting in the kitchen

Most hg's are now  in the kitchen/dining area.  Lots of overlapping convos


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