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TAR 21: What to Expect! New Twist?

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Pretty sure there is no Salvage Pass, lol. Or Hazard Pass.


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on July 10, 2012, 07:10:10 AM ---At the very beginning, when I intro... when I talk to the teams, I tell them about something that has never ever happened before, because we are always trying to shock them, and I tell them about something that is really exciting, and I can promise you that it will motivate them like they have never been motivated before."

--- End quote ---

Phil is quite the salesman when building anticipation for a new twist. But nothing can give a team more motivation than a starting line elimination. That won't happen ever again.

I wonder what could it be. I like supah3ro's ideas

I think the salvage pass would be a good addition to the race, but why didn't they add it earlier?
From supah3ro's comment I get the idea that it must be used in the first leg. Is that right? I never got such info from reading wikipedia's description of the salvage pass.

Myself, I'd like to see the Hazard again, but with some improvements. For example, like Phil once said that the Hazard would affect a team for the entire race, the Hazard could be not just 1 additional task, but a task each leg and it expires only when the team checks-in first or whatever. :)

The fact that the express pass was moved to the second leg signaled something like this coming. Some of us wondered about the salvage pass because it was just on TarOz2 but there is no evidence for it.
I think that his motivation comment and the EP in Leg 2 confirms that it is something they can win in Leg 1.

The Salvage Pass is quite possibly the biggest non event ever to hit our TV screens, and I hope we never have to see it again.

Honestly, an extra hour of sleep that you could probably take anyway because there's at least a 90% chance of a leveler and if not- You're in first, so you'll probably be departing in not last anyway. Completely useless.

It *can* work, if they increase the reward for choosing to eliminate the team. Combine it with an express pass or something, I don't know. But don't make it a completely useless item that nobody in their right mind would hang onto.


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