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Monday Night Show, July 9th

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Andrea, Mike, And Kevin, trying to forum a final 3 alliance.

They think Robin is coming back and that it will cause drama with the other half of the house.

They think Gene is a floater.

They beleive Joy needs to go down that tube soon.

Robin & Erika return to the chamber.

THe Big O...Robin & Erika the viewers voted on which one of you will return to the glass house, and which one of you will leave and commerical

We're Back...

And leaving the glass house is...

Robin goes down the shoot.

Erika is back.

Mike, Kevin, and Andrea's plan has failed.

THe HGs are drinking.

Jeffery gives Erika a big hug and says she missed her.

Jeffery happy Team Erika back in the house.

Joy and Erika talking about what Kevin said.

Erika is done playing nice with Mike and Kevin.

Erika making fun of Holly and he lying.

Andrea and Holly talking about how Erika coming back is bad for them.

Andrea thinks the viewers told her the allinace she is in is not liked.

And the players get Fanswers....

Puppies come running to the house.

Each puppy has a name of cast memeber and then answer to their fanswer.

Andrea...Should stay loyal to her alliance.

Mike....No has less fan support thant Steph.

Gene...Hero the viewers think he is playing a good game.

THe Big O tells the HGs to say bye to the puppies.

And now for the two lowest vote getters...

Erika cannot be in the bottom two as she just returned from limbo, and thus cannot be a team capitain.

The two lowest vote getters and team captains are...

Ashley & Holly...once again Holly is in the bottom two.

Kevin not happy because at least of his alliance players will be going to limbo for sure.

Erika... loves the viewers.

Stephanie feels so good, because she is not in the bottom two.

Erika thinks its going to play out the way its going to play out.

Ashley..shown crying and talking about how its hard to be in the bottom 2 each time and have to fight to stay in the house.

Ashley talking about her family having to fight for everything, because of Hurricane Katrina. Now she's trying to earn the sympanthy vote.

She says family is important, she wants her family to be proud of her.

Gene tells her, that if she leaves she will be able to leave with her head held high.

Ashley saying is going to fight she is going to give it all.



The Ashley alliance, thinks they need to pick all of the other half of house to ensure one of the other house alliance goes to limbo.

Holly doesn't like Kevin and Mikes idea. 

Kevin and Mike think Holly would come back, because she already came back ones.

Kevin and Mike believe, they can't loss.

Mike doesn;t think Stephanie will throw the challenge.

Team Ashley is up first.

The goal of the challenge, move a ball across the yard on a disk to a tube located on the other side of the yard.  Once there, droppin the ball through the yellow triangle and into the tube.  Fastest team to get three balls in the tube wins.

Stephanie admits she did not go out of her way to help the other team.

She thinks shes in a good spot if her teams wins she cant go to limbo, and if her team loses she still has a pretty go chance of staying.

Team Holly up next....


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