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Monday Night Show, July 9th

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Erika admits it pains her to save Holly's a$$ but they need to win to send two of the other house alliance to limbo
The times are...

Team Holly...

Team Ashley...Commerical


The times are...

Team Holly...

Team Ashley...

Team Ashley losses...thus Ashley is going to limbo with one of her alliance.

Jeffery says boom back at you other side of the fence.

Erika gives Holly props for stepping up

Mike is all stressed

Stephaine telling the other side of the house of how Mike has screwed himself.

Erika's side of the house thinks they should have a solid five votes to send Kevin to limbo.

They are worried about Gene.

Ashley's side is going to try and talk to Gene.

Gene says he doesnt know who he is going to send.

And We go to the stone throw's nominations.

Of his vote...Gene says he is thinking long term.

Stephanie gets 4 votes

Kevin gets 4 votes.

One vote left to show...

And we go to commerical.


4-4 stephanie and Kevin

Kevin gets the 5th vote and heads to limbo with Ashley.

Erika says she made her point, please send him back..i'm not done looking at him.

Kevin and Holly give their speeches.

Preview of next week...

And we see Joy spurn Gene.

And that's all for this week folks.

We will post recorded live feeds in the next 24 hours, here:,27348.0.html


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